Making Menus Work for You and Your ALF Residents

Making Menus Work in Assisted Living and Long Term Care

diane hall alf trainingALF Training: Presented by Diane Hall of Balanced Senior Nutrition and Kalei Stockstill of My ALF Training.

You want to keep your residents happy and you know how important meals and snacks are to them. You want to provide the foods they WANT to eat but at the same time, regulations require you to work from menus that are sometimes too difficult to follow and not always appropriate for the people in your community. So what do you do? This half-hour webinar is presented by Diane Hall, RD, LD, NHA. Diane is president of Balanced Senior Nutrition, a company that provides menus, training, mock surveys and food and dining consultation for assisted living communities with a focus on person-directed dining.

You’ll come away from this webinar knowing:

  • The absolutely NECESSARY COMPONENTS of a menu used in the ALF setting and how this process actually BENEFITS your RESIDENTS
  • How to make sure you PASS YOUR SURVEYS by adhering to the record-keeping requirements for Florida licensed ALFs
  • How you can USE SUBSTITUTIONS to meet your resident’s preferences

Ways to ADJUST MENUS for special occasions and holidays

  • What you need to do to ensure your meals are NUTRITIONALLY SOUND
  • The 3 BENEFITS of FOLLOWING MENUS you don’t want to miss out on (HINT: cost savings)

Diane has prepared some valuable supportive materials regarding our last webinar (?podcast) on menu compliance for the ALF. You might find it helpful to download these useful tools. They include a Menu Substitution Form, a form for logging Equivalent Menu Substitutions, the Florida Administrative Code for Food Service Standards (58A) and a terrific spreadsheet you can use to track your weekly menus throughout the cycle. To download these materials, go to

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  1. Bridgette February 4, 2016 at 4:02 am

    Thank you Diane…you helped me out a lot and I will be getting a hold of you! would like to see more webinars…Crestwood House llc.

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